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Terms of service

Uudis.net is free (except additional services) and using it works on "as is" principal. Uudis.net owners are not responsible for possible consequences arising from using the site. Uudis.net owners remain the right to change site terms of service according to necessity, changes will be displayed on this page.

We ask people who do not agree with the Uudis.net terms of service not to use the Uudis.net site. All of the damage caused by violating this rule, makes the person who causes the damage fully responsible.

To create an account, you have to provide basic information about yourself: e-mail, password and username. To register, you have to agree with current Terms of Service and submit your registration form. It is forbidden to use personal data which does not belong to you in your profile.

If Uudis.net owners do not want to offer service to a certain Uudis.net site user, they can block this user's account without explanation.


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